frequently asked questions

+ What does it cost?

For our Wash And Fold services, we charge:

  • $1.99 per lb. for Regular Clothes, Towels and sheets.
  • $2.99 per lb. for Thick Blankets, Rugs.

For Hand Wash, Hang Dry, Pressing and Dry Cleaning please check our SERVICES page.

For Pickup we require a minimum order of $35 plus a $5 fee to cover both the pick and delivery.

For Drop Off we require a 10 lbs minimum.

For a Combination Order (Wash/Dry/Cleaning/Pressing) a minimum order of 15lbs. of Wash and Fold services is required.

+ How do I schedule a pickup?

+ How does your pickup and delivery service work?

Laverie picks up and delivers from 7AM to 2PM, Mondays to Fridays 8AM to 1 PM Saturdays. WE ARE CLOSE ON SUNDAYS. Basic Wash and Fold Service Monday to Friday is processed and ready for delivery in one business day. Saturday pick-ups will be delivered on the following Monday.

Hang Dry, Hand Wash orders can be delivered within one day per customers request. Please note that items might still be damp and will be delivered on hangers. Dry Cleaning/Pressing items will be ready to delivered within 2-3 business Days. Combination Services (Wash & Fold/Dry Cleaning, etc) will be considered one order and delivered at the same time. Upon customers request we will make separate deliveries for an additional $2.50 fee.

+ How do I prepare my clothes for pickup?

It is preferred that all of the items are contained in reasonably sturdy bags. Special service items should be in a separate bag and labeled with instructions. When placing your order give instructions where you would like your order to be picked up and returned.

+ What if I am not home?

Instruct us as to where to pick up and deliver your order. Reminder that Laverie is not responsible for the safety and security of orders left unattended during the pick up and delivery process.

A $10 fee is applicable for MISSED PICK UP and DELIVERY without prior notice. However, to avoid the additional fee, please inform us within 2 hours prior to your originally scheduled Pick Up/Delivery time.

+ How will you process my wash and fold order?

Upon receipt of your order, we will sort your items according to whites, lights, colors and special service items. We only use Seventh Generation laundry products. Lavender, Geranium , Alpine, Citrus or Scent Free, your choice. Borax, Bleach and Fabric Softner is available upon request at no extra cost. Also you can provide your own detergent. We offer Standard Drying Services. Low Temperature Drying Service is available for $1.99 per pound. Hand Wash, Hang Dry, Delicate Items will be SPECIAL SERVICED and returned on hangers. Laverie does not provide “LAY FLAT” drying service.

+ How will you service my Dry Cleaning and Pressing Items?

We work with a very reputable Dry Cleaning Service and supervise their process to guarantee the highest quality service for you order.

+ How will my items be returned?

Upon completion of your order, we will inform you of the delivery time and return your items to the place requested per your instructions. A$10 fee is applicable for MISSED DELIVERY without prior notice. However, to avoid the ADDITIONAL FEE, please inform us within 2 hours prior to your originally scheduled delivery time.

+ Payments

We accept cash and all major credit cards upon the completion of your order. Credit card orders can be paid upon delivery to the driver or via phone.